Driver Anti-Fatigue Alarm Earpiece

£50.39 £40.79


Driver Anti-Fatigue Alarm Earpiece

£50.39 £40.79

Drive safely with our amazing driver anti-fatigue alarm earpiece.

It instantly alerts the driver to wake up when they begin to nod off by giving loud beeps and vibrations.

It is perfect for people who drive long distances.

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This dolphin shaped earpiece is made with environmentally friendly materials. 

When the drivers head falls more than 20 degrees, the alarm is triggered.

There are 3 settings in the product: beep only, vibration only or both.

The battery is rechargeable. It can last more than 100 hours.

Product include: 

  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 Home charger
  • 1 Car charger





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